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Data Feeds

Our Data Feeds are the most comprehensive in the sex toy industry. We provide more standard information than any of our competitors!

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Sex Toy Club offers two formats for data feeds to help get our product information into your shopping cart / retail software application:

CSV - Comma Separated Values Definition of CSV
XML - Extensible Markup Language Definition of XML

CSV Data Feeds

The CSV column field names have the following information:

  • Product Number / SKU
  • Product Title
  • Suggested Retail Price
  • Wholesale Price
  • Product Description
  • In Stock or Out of Stock
  • Product Manufacturer
  • Vendor
  • Date Added
  • Item Image URL
  • Main Category
  • UPC

CSV flat files can be easily opened and manipulated with Microsoft Excel or Open Office plus many other flat file readers. Most older shopping carts use this format.

Detailed feeds at additional cost***

XML Data Feeds

Due to the nature of XML the tag names are the field names and will contain the product information. This format is more common with the newer shopping carts available.


The shopping cart software that you select to have installed on your web site will determine the best feed format to use. Some will utilize CSV for importing and some will utilize XML for importing. Please remember we are not the experts on the shopping cart you choose to use. If you are having problems using the import system for the shopping cart of your choosing, please address those issues with their support team or their forum.

Some shopping carts do not have import systems built in, these carts will require 3rd party modules or specialized software to import our feeds.


We also provide an API (Application Programming Interface), this system allows you to send orders directly to us based on the XML format. Once the API receives the necessary information it will automatically process the drop ship order and provide feedback on the status. This requires programming knowledge and experience getting the shopping carts order and posting it to our API. If you do not have the programming experience you should use one of the 3rd party modules that support our API in the links available under usage.

You are not required to use our API system. You can always complete orders to your customers by logging into Sex Toy Club and manually entering your customer's order directly into the shopping cart, then complete the order by entering your customers delivery address, selecting the shipping method for the order and paying by credit card or with the funds you have already added to your account. You may also upload your drop ship orders in a CSV format batch order file.

Terms & Conditions

After you create an account, we require a signed Data Feed Usage Agreement. After completion, please fax it to 425-988-0269 or if you prefer to create / have a digital signature, you can directly upload to your account after completion. Download Data Feed Usage Agreement

Our data feeds are provided as is. You are expected to have the necessary experience with databases and flat file manipulation to use our feeds. If you do not wish to build or operate your own e-commerce store but would like a free pre-built, easy to customize store where you simply promote and earn commissions we suggest you register with our sister site, the provider of free white label e-commerce solutions.

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